Wharton Industry Exploration Program: The New York Tech Sector

Over fall break, 35 Wharton undergraduates traveled to New York on a Wharton Industry Exploration Program course led by Prof. Ethan Mollick to get an inside look at a range of tech-sector companies, including Kickstarter, Reelio, Rock Paper Robot, Shazam, and SiriusXM. In addition to business site visits, the students enjoyed industry panel discussions with representatives from Venmo, Google, Microsoft, Joor, Interactive Corp, Bloomberg Beta, Red Giraffe Advisors. Below are photos and quotes from the students who participated.

At Shazam with host CEO Rich Riley, W’96

“I never really knew just how deep the tech start-up scene was in NYC or how complex they could be. Visiting companies like Shazam and Sirius gave me a great idea of just how nuanced and difficult it is to run one of these companies.”

“The WIEP experience has opened my eyes to a world of opportunities I was previously unaware of. Having little experience in tech, I was afraid that I could not possibly become involved in this sector and be successful in the long run. I now know that the tech industry and entrepreneurship include a wide range of skills sets and personality types that I could find my place in.”

A visit to SiriusXM headquarters

“Definitely enhanced my understanding of the industry and scene in NYC. It is a lot more vibrant and growing more than I had imagined and the level of commitment of the people involved is very reassuring.”

“It broadened my horizon in the sense that I can now see there are so many other types of jobs after Wharton other than investment banking and consulting. It also showed me that there is a very strong Wharton network amongst some of the most influential people in the NYC tech industry.”

“I really enjoyed speaking with the alumni as I feel I gained a lot of valuable knowledge from people who were once in my position.”

An alumni-student mixer at Reelio

“The NYC WIEP experience exceeded my expectations because I didn’t expect to learn so much about myself and my interests in addition to aspects of the tech industry.”

Visiting Rock Paper Robot