Changing Paths at Wharton

When I entered Wharton, I was set on concentrating in statistics.  I had loved math, particularly applied math, in high school and figured that I could continue my study of math at Penn.  Confident in this path, I began college, and things did not go as planned (in the best way possible).  I had chosen to take Arabic to fulfill my language requirement for Penn, and also just because I am interested in it.  Over the course of my first semester I fell in love with the class.  My professor was dedicated, fun, and focused on us learning the language instead of just studying by book. Halfway through my first semester, I had both progressed in the language significantly and, more importantly, fallen in love with Arabic and the accompanying culture.  I knew that I wanted to incorporate Arabic into my studies at Wharton, and, thanks to the flexibility that I am provided through the curriculum, I could.  I actually decided to become a dual degree student with the College of Arts and Sciences.  In four years, I am going to be able to complete my Wharton degree, a College of Arts and Sciences degree, and four full years of Arabic instruction.  I am so thankful that Wharton really is caters to what you are personally interested in and that ultimately I will be able to learn anything I choose to during my time here.

My name is Makena and I am from Souderton, PA (about half an hour outside of Philadelphia). I am concentrating in Statistics and Finance and minoring in Arabic. My favorite classes so far are STAT 430 and my Arabic classes. I am involved with Wharton Ambassadors, Kite and Key Society (tour guiding and day hosting), Wharton Women, and Quaker Days Committee. For fun I like to go to the gym (especially to do yoga!), read, organize things, eat, explore the city, and spend time with friends.