Students in Wharton Women want to bring their business knowledge to Phila. high schools

Wharton Women, one of the largest undergraduate student organizations, has formed a Financial Literacy club to teach high school students about subjects ranging from credit scores and managing budgets to student loans and taxes. Club members will teach at Philadelphia schools approximately twice a month. Read More

How do you choose?

Marisa Kay

As a freshman, I arrived to the Wharton clubbing fair to be greeted by countless tables filled with students advertising their clubs with fliers, information, and (of course) candy. Each one sounded so interesting to me – the Wharton Investment and Trading Group, the Wharton Undergraduate Consulting Club, Wharton Ambassadors, theRead More

NOMsense Bakery and the Nuances of ‘Dessert Maximalism’

In 2014, Wharton and University of Pennsylvania students Roopa Shankar, Alina Wong and Rachel Stewart founded NOMsense Bakery, a Philadelphia-based wholesale bakery specializing in handcrafted cookie sandwiches. This week, NOMsense won the Northeastern Regional Round of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, earning $5,000 for their start-up. Read More