Frequently Asked Questions

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When will I receive information about College House options?

Information about on-campus housing will be sent to you in March with other materials from the Penn Admissions Office. This information is also available on this website and will be updated for the following academic year by mid-March.

Will I have time to participate in clubs and other extracurricular activities?

Yes, even with a busy academic schedule, there is still time to dedicate to clubs, sports, performing arts, and more. During New Student Orientation, you will have the opportunity to find out more.

Do I need to have my final high school transcripts sent to Penn?

Yes, they should be sent to Penn’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions. See the Penn Admissions freshman Checklist & Deadlines page for more information.

How do my AP/IB scores count toward what I need to take?

You can see how credits and waivers from Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and GCE Advanced (A) Level exams can be applied to Wharton requirements here.

What should I be doing now to get ready to come to Penn?

Enjoy your senior year and keep working hard. We will send you detailed information in June about classes, student life, and resources.

Can I get credit for college-level courses I took in high school?

College-level coursework undertaken while enrolled at the secondary level or in the summer prior to matriculation at the University is considered a part of a student’s preparation for a Penn education and is used by the student’s academic advisor to guide placement into appropriate courses at Penn. Credit is not granted for this coursework. However, students who enroll in courses at Penn during the summer prior to their matriculation into an undergraduate degree program at the University will have those courses and any credit earned added to their undergraduate transcript, which would otherwise start with the fall semester.