Leadership Programs

Explore and master the capabilities for effective leadership in business and beyond through these engaged, hands-on experiences.


Wharton’s McNulty Leadership Program offers customized programming designed to take students out of their comfort zone, challenge them in unfamiliar contexts and support their leadership experience.

Leadership Ventures are experiences that facilitate self-discovery, leadership, and character development. Participants are able to step out of their comfort zone, exceed personal limitations, and experience leadership firsthand. These programs provide a set of engaged, hands-on experiences for exploring and mastering the capabilities for effective individual and team leadership in business and beyond. There are two types of Leadership Ventures:

  • Intensives are consolidated and immersive group-based experiences ranging from 1 to 3 days.
  • Expeditions are outdoor, experiential programs that span the globe and range from 7 to 12 days. Expeditions tend to be high in physical intensity.

Leadership Development Workshops are a set of free experiential-learning opportunities. Workshops are targeted towards specific leadership development competencies and range from a half to a full day experience.