Leadership & Teamwork

From day one, Wharton students learn about the synergy of leadership and teamwork in Management 100.

Leadership in business is all about working in teams, and that’s how we structure our program.


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Leadership in Action

Through the Undergraduate Leadership Program, Wharton offers undergraduates many opportunities to develop their personal leadership capacities. From your very first semester, you start building teamwork skills in Management 100, where you work in a team of 10 students to plan and execute a community service project for a Philadelphia non-profit. It’s a great lesson in group dynamics and it will show you what it takes to build something — that there’s more to leadership than leading. Chances are you’ll make some of your closest friends too.

Sound challenging? It is! But it’s also extremely rewarding, and you’ll be helped every step of the way by team advisors, upperclassmen who coach you on assignments and offer guidance on your project. They’ve been through it all — and you’ll benefit from their experience and advice. Learn more about the Wharton Leadership Program.

Wharton’s summer programs for high school students provide an opportunity to develop leadership skills and explore your interest in business. More

Recent Management 100 Projects

Client: American Red Cross
Project: Creating a fire safety program for elementary school students

Client: MANNA
Project: Developing a marketing and public relations campaign for an organization that prepares and delivers meals to people living with life-threatening illnesses

Client: PHMC (Public Health Management Corporation)
Project: Assessing brand perceptions through stakeholder research and analysis

Client: CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)
Project: Organizing an educational event for teens and young adults with special health care needs

Meet our students

melanie_sidebar“Management 100 was an awesome experience that allowed me to explore not only the interactions with team members and clients, yet it allowed me to explore how my mind and personality worked in conjunction with these two entities.”

Melanie Smith
Bedford, VA