Wharton and Penn: Limitless

Incredible professors, a practical curriculum, state-of-the art facilities. What more could you ask for? Why would anyone ever take a class outside of Huntsman Hall? Seems like a silly question, doesn’t it? Well, as a senior looking back on my college experience, I must say that what makes Wharton so great isn’t necessarily the direct, tangible courses or network it provides. (Yes they are a huge plus!) But what makes the Wharton experience so unique has been the encouragement to explore and flexibility to pursue other disciplines and activities into one’s Wharton, and in turn Penn, experience.

Steven PeisachAs a freshman planning out my curriculum, it was easy to get excited about the many finance and management courses that would be the most practical for my education. While these courses definitely are highly applicable to the real world, what adds to the Wharton experience most is the exploration of courses across various disciplines. From computer science in Engineering to art history in the College, taking a variety of courses opens the mind and helps broaden one’s education.

In addition to providing opportunities to pursue courses across Penn’s undergraduate schools, Wharton encourages students to pursue their interests through research and under the guidance of its renowned faculty through the Center for Undergraduate Research Fellowships and Wharton Research Scholars (just to name a couple).

It is not only in the academic pursuits of courses and research that Wharton allows one to explore. Wharton provides its students with the opportunity to pursue once-in-a-lifetime adventures through Wharton Leadership Ventures and  inspires the connectivity of social groups via Wharton Council-approved clubs.

In addition to Wharton clubs and activities, undergraduates have opportunities to partake in Penn’s performing arts, athletics (varsity, club, or intramural), or other niche clubs, like the Chess Club, that are second to none. To make the most out of Wharton, one should venture beyond Huntsman Hall and take full advantage of all of Penn’s unbelievable opportunities; they truly help make the Wharton undergraduate experience unique.

Steven is a senior in Wharton from Miami, FL. Steven has always had a passion for applying knowledge and is pursuing concentrations in Statistics and Finance at Wharton. Having grown up outdoors, he harnesses a competitive side and thoroughly enjoys being outside and remaining active. On any given day, you may find Steven tossing a football with friends or jogging down the Schuylkill Banks. Following graduation, Steven will begin his career at an opportunistic investment fund in New York.