The Best Places To Study At Wharton

Eddie ZilberbrandWith finals week right around the corner, Wharton students have been doing a lot of studying recently. However, one of the best parts of being here at Wharton is all of the amazing resources you have at your fingertips, especially including study spots. Here is a brief list of places that you can find Wharton students studying for exams, getting some extra reading done, or prepping for that interview coming up. This isn’t a comprehensive list, especially since everyone has different study habits, but instead just a few good examples:

  • Huntsman Hall: As the main building of Wharton, you will be spending a lot of time here for your classes and club commitments. However, Wharton students also study here very often, especially because of all of the resources available. Whether it be subsidized printing, access to Bloomberg Terminal, or desktops available for use if needed, there’s plenty of tools to help you succeed. The most popular places for students to study are either the Computer Labs on the 3rd floor or Forum level or the Silent Study Rooms on the 2nd floor or the Forum level. Group Study Rooms are also available for whenever you have a group project to do with teammates or want to find a quiet spot to study on your own.
  • Starbucks Below Commons: Located underneath the biggest dining hall on campus, this Starbucks is a prime spot for studying for those who love the coffee shop atmosphere. A lot of students tend to come by here, so make sure to come early so that you can snag a table! A big perk about studying here is that you can use your Dining Dollars to purchase coffee and snacks from this Starbucks, which is definitely helpful when you need a little pick me up. In the winter there is also a fireplace complete with a roaring fire, something that makes studying just a little bit better during the cold winter months.
  • Joe’s Café in Steinberg-Dietrich Hall: A personal favorite of mine, Joe’s is an awesome place to study just because of how bright and sunny the café is. Surrounded on three sides by wall-to-wall windows, you get plenty of sunlight while studying here, something that is sometimes hard get otherwise. The café also has awesome booths to study in, as well as different computers and printers located by it that give you the same access to Wharton perks as you do in Huntsman Hall. My favorite part of studying here though is the food – you get to choose from either Joe’s Café, which has sushi, soups, and salads, or any of the numerous food trucks that line Spruce Street right by it.

Again, there are just a few of the many places to study around Penn’s campus, but they’re some of my favorites. Hopefully, when you get here, you’ll agree with me or even find some study places of your own!

Hey there! My name is Eddie Zilberbrand, and I am part of the Wharton Class of 2018. I'm going to be concentrating in Finance and Real Estate with a minor in Russian. On Campus, besides Wharton Ambassadors, I'm also a tour guide for Kite and Key, a Freshman Director for Cohort Peso, and I play on the Club Water Polo team.