What to Wear at Wharton

Eddie ZilberbrandMattress Pad? Check. Shower caddy? Check. Favorite stuffed animal? Check. Clothes? Uh oh. Sometimes clothes really do make the man, and they are an integral part of making a first impression professionally or otherwise. And like always, as the time for the transition to college comes around, so does the inevitable wardrobe transformation. However, instead of spending hours panicking at the mall, here are a few tips and notes to make the change more manageable, affordable, and easier for everyone (here’s to you Mom and Dad).

Classes: What you’ve most likely heard and seen on TV is true—you can wear anything you want to class here at Wharton. Of course, that doesn’t mean coming into class in a pair of boxers and a stained shirt, but I can tell you I’ve definitely been guilty of showing up to class in sweatpants and a hoodie before. Since Wharton doesn’t have an established dress code, you have the freedom to wear whatever you want to lectures and recitations. That means you don’t have to go out and buy a whole new set of uniforms or a closet full of suits if you don’t want to. You’ll see people all over campus wearing their high school gear with the same pride as before and owning it.

So on days that you want to be comfortable, go ahead and rock those shorts and that t-shirt. Likewise, if you want to wear that new dress, go for it! Just make sure you feel confident in what you’re wearing and that it maintains the image you want to present for yourself.

Interviews: You’ll spend a lot of time throughout your years here at Wharton sitting in various interviews, no matter whether you are answering or giving questions. An interview usually calls for business-casual attire, which means a nice pair of pants, shirt, jacket, and tie for guys and a more formal dress or suits for girls. This isn’t what you always have to wear however, and tailor your outfit and its formality to the situation and type of interview you will be attending. Just make sure not to forget to shave, do your makeup, comb your hair—whatever will allow you to look your best! You want to look and feel confident and ready to succeed, something that your clothes should help you with.

Special Occasions: Oftentimes, specific events will come around that require a specialized appearance. In terms of formal business presentations and events, it’s suits for both genders. On the other end of the spectrum, themed parties and dances often encourage students to dress up and have fun with the theme. For events like these, either borrow items from your friends, order things online, or just be creative and interpret the theme. All these events really require is having fun, something you have to make sure you’re doing!

Hey there! My name is Eddie Zilberbrand, and I am part of the Wharton Class of 2018. I'm going to be concentrating in Finance and Real Estate with a minor in Russian. On Campus, besides Wharton Ambassadors, I'm also a tour guide for Kite and Key, a Freshman Director for Cohort Peso, and I play on the Club Water Polo team.