Minors and Dual Degrees

At Wharton and Penn, you can expand your learning across academic disciplines and departments.

Departmental and University Minors

Wharton undergraduates can pursue a minor in addition to their concentration. The 6-8 courses needed for a minor can be easily completed alongside the Wharton undergraduate business curriculum.

Departmental minors are available in schools across Penn, including Arts and Sciences, Communication, Education, Engineering, Design, and Nursing. Departmental minors are managed by individual academic programs and departments.

60+ Penn minors

University minors combine courses from more than one school, creating an interdisciplinary academic experience. The participating academic departments jointly govern these interschool programs. Wharton-related university minors include Actuarial Mathematics, American Public Policy, Biological Basis of Behavior and Health Services Management, Legal Studies and History, Consumer Psychology, Organizations and Environmental Management, and Urban Real Estate and Development.

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Additional Dual-Degree Options

Students can pursue two undergraduate degrees by designing their own dual-degree program that combines a degree from Wharton with a degree in one of more than 50 areas of study from one of Penn’s three other undergraduate schools: the College of Arts & Sciences, the School of Nursing, and the School of Engineering & Applied Science. Students have the opportunity to apply for a dual degree beginning at the end of their freshman year.

A dual degree can be completed in four to five years depending on the major pursued, the number of advanced placement credits earned, and the number of courses students are willing to take each term.

Meet our students

viswanathan“With my fine arts minor, I get to explore my interests outside the business world while still learning the fundamentals necessary to run my own business.”

Tara Viswanathan
Lubbock, TX