10 Best Study Spots on Campus (Other than Van Pelt and Huntsman)

  1. FisherFisher Fine Arts Library – Completely silent, beautiful architecture, always easy to find a spot
  2. Annenberg School of Communications – great architectural design, lots of natural light
  3. Green Line Café – Really great raspberry brownies for a pick-me-up during studying, not too quiet, not too loud or busy
  4. Penn Book Store – Fully stocked Starbucks to fuel your studying, stacks of books to browse when you need a break, if you run out of paper or pencils, you can just buy more
  5. Krishna P. Singh Nanotechnology Building – modern architecture, calming interior design, conference room for group projects, booths for comfy studying, and small tables for working with a partner
  6. High-Rise Rooftop Lounges – Stunning 360-degree view of the city, comfy couches for reading as well as tables and chairs for more hardcore studying and usually they are completely silent
  7. High-Rise Mezzanine – For lighter studying; can say hi to friends as they walk in; close to room, but not close enough to bed; mid-level chatter, so not too quiet
  8. Education Commons – nice facilities, right next to engineering quad, big windows, study rooms for group study, comfy seating
  9. Vance Hall – Pretty empty, lots of different spaces for group or individual study, right next to the quad
  10. Stephen A. Levine Building – New state-of-the-art facilities, not too loud, not too quiet, can book a study room like in Huntsman

My name is Suriya Sharma, and I’m in the Wharton class of 2018 from Houston, Texas. I’m interested in sustainable international development, women’s empowerment, finance and social impact. At Penn, I’m involved in Wharton Ambassadors, Wharton Leadership Ventures Hindu Student Council, Chinmaya Yuva Kendra, and Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development. In my free time, I love singing, dancing (Zumba!), and writing. In high school, I was in Creative Writing, Choir and some culture clubs. I’m happy to answer any questions you have!