Analyzing the Super Bowl Ads for the Connection Between Creativity and Business Objectives

As a research assistant and chief technology officer of the Wharton Future of Advertising Program (FoA) in the SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management, I had the opportunity this February to help moderate the Second Annual Wharton Future of Advertising Program Superbowl Ads Tweet Meet (“Tweet Meet” for short). The Tweet Meet provided the opportunity for advertising experts, academics, journalists, and students to discuss the fusion of creativity, business impact, social impact and word-of-mouth potential of Super Bowl ads in real-time.

The Tweet Meet had an unprecedented level of engagement by panelists and of interest from the advertising community. During the Super Bowl, Wharton professors, Wharton FoA board members, industry experts, journalists, and students shared their thoughts on and rated Super Bowl ads on Twitter using the hashtag #whartonfoa and on Almost 2,000 tweets were sent out by the panelists and others who joined in on Twitter, which reached 395,000 unique Twitter accounts and resulted in 3.5 million impressions according to TweetReach, a Twitter statistics service.

I developed the technology used to aggregate the tweets and as a moderator for the Tweet Meet I had the opportunity to help guide the conversation throughout the game by encouraging panelists to tweet, summarizing the group consensus on ads, and determining the scores participants rated ads. It was great to be able to see advertising broken down to an empirical level – by seeing how advertising is driven by the need to fulfill business objectives.

The Wharton FoA Super Bowl Ads Tweet Meet received coverage in MediaPost, BusinessWeek, and the Daily Pennsylvanian. It was exciting to work on a project that received national media attention!

The opportunity to be a research assistant for the Wharton of Advertising Program has been an amazing experience so far! It is giving me the opportunity to connect theories learned in the classroom to the way that marketing and advertising industries work. I’ve gained a unique perspective on possible careers in those industries and the directions they are heading in. From seeing how emotions lead consumers to make decisions to the role of an orchestrator on advertising campaigns I’ve been exposed to leading research in the field.