Extracurriculars – Clubs

Most Wharton and Penn students really love to get involved in the extracurricular opportunities that Penn provides. Within Wharton, there are over 40 student-run clubs, and with these clubs comes the opportunity to have fun, explore your passions, or gain experience.

At the beginning of every year, Wharton Council (the club responsible for organizing all the Wharton clubs) holds a “Clubbing Night,” where almost all of the Wharton clubs set up booths in the forum and students represent their clubs. As a freshman, I put my name down on all the email lists, something I highly suggest so you can “shop around” for the clubs you want. The forum is probably the most crowded it ever gets, and I remember just looking around and soaking it all in, loving all of the energy that Wharton students bring.

Despite all of the email listservs I ended up joining, I ultimately ended up becoming a devoted member to three clubs. I’ll explain a little about each of them, and although they’re not representative of all clubs at Wharton, they’ll give you a little glimpse into my experience with Wharton clubs.

1.  Wharton Dean’s Undergraduate Advisory Board (WAB)

WAB is made up of about 20 students, 5 from each class year, who work closely with the administration to implement initiatives that aim to improve the academic environment here at Wharton. Examples of some of the initiatives WAB has started include working with faculty to create a new concentration on Social Impact, helping to develop Management 100 years and years ago, and working with the administration to develop Wharton Research Scholars. I love being in this club because I feel like I really am able to be at the forefront of innovation at the school, having an impact, and it gives me a great opportunity to interact with the school’s administration. In addition, I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet and become great friends with some amazing upperclassmen with a wealth of knowledge, to whom I can always turn to for advice on anything. WAB is like my family away from home!

2.  Wharton Undergraduate Finance Club (WUFC)

The Finance club is great for anyone ranging from those who are really passionate about finance to those who are just exploring what finance is about (me!). Anyone can be a general member or paid member, but as a freshman I joined the freshmen board. Being a member of the freshman board gave me the opportunity to plan events like a membership social and to immerse myself in one of the largest clubs on campus. One of my favorite events is a panel on “The Big 3” – Finance, Consulting, and Marketing, where upperclassmen talk about their experiences in these industries. After a semester as a freshman board member, I was elected to be VP of Events, and now I get to plan all the cool events I attended in the fall!

3.  Wharton Ambassadors

Wharton Ambassadors is a club of students who are passionate about Wharton and want to serve as representatives of the school by giving information sessions, helping out with high school outreach, blogging, and serving as resources for students interested in Wharton. I love this club because the people in it are so fun to be around, and we have awesome social events! Just a few months ago, we had a social during the winter right before finals where we got free massages and food!

In addition to the Wharton clubs I’m in, I’m also in the Penn Symphony Orchestra. The great thing about being at Penn is that students really get involved in a vast array of activities. A lot of my friends, in addition to being in Wharton clubs, are involved in writing for the newspaper, Glee clubs, religious groups, and sports teams, to name just a few. Wharton students truly love getting involved and having fun doing it!