Freshman Classes at Wharton

Edward ZilberbrandOutside of the clubs you join and people you meet, classes are the biggest things that define the Penn experience. However, choosing what classes to actually take is hard, and even harder when you’re going to be taking classes as a first-semester freshman. Here is a rundown of a few of the classes you might end up taking your first semester at Wharton. (Note that this is just what people usually take—due to AP credits or different interests, your schedule might be totally different, and that’s totally ok!)

MGMT 100: Management 100 is the quintessential Wharton class and is taken in the fall of freshman year (transfer students take it in the spring). The class is all about leadership within the team dynamic and general life skills that are helpful in the business world. It’s said that you can always tell that someone is a Wharton kid based on their presentation skills, and that’s definitely true because of Management 100. Even more impressive, you get to consult for a client from a not-for-profit organization from the first week onward, giving you structured, real-world business experience right at the start of your college career.

ECON 010: This Intro to Economics class is different than any other economics class you’ll experience at any other school. Instead of taking macro and micro in different semesters, ECON 010 is a fast-paced, dynamic economics class that combines real-world examples with all of the economics theory you know and love. The class is also an introduction to a big lecture-style classroom with around 200 students are in each section! Don’t worry about not getting any individual interaction—there are tons of opportunities with office hours as well as weekly recitations with your TA.

MATH 110: As a Wharton student, you have the option of taking either MATH 104 or MATH 110 to fulfill your math requirement. Both of these are similar to the level of content you would expect in a BC calculus class, but MATH 110 is much more business focused and involves group work instead of the lengthy problem sets you see in a typical math class. Within MATH 110, you have the opportunity to get your first taste of various finance and accounting problems before you take the classes themselves. However, students who take Math 104 shouldn’t stress—both classes will prepare you for what’s to come!

Writing Seminar: Although this class isn’t a Wharton class and it isn’t required for freshman year, it’s definitely recommended that students take a Writing Seminar freshman year. Its extremely helpful to have the writing skills you learn from the class throughout your four years at Penn, whether for writing a paper for your legal studies class or a case for your marketing class. Because the class is a lot of work at first (while you learn the necessary terminology), it’s usually best to take it during a semester when you’ll be relatively free, such as first semester freshman year.

Remember that this is just a sample of different classes that you might take your freshman year as a Wharton student. In the end, you should take the classes that most interest you, and then you’ll be sure to get the most out of your four years at Penn!

Hey there! My name is Eddie Zilberbrand, and I am part of the Wharton Class of 2018. I'm going to be concentrating in Finance and Real Estate with a minor in Russian. On Campus, besides Wharton Ambassadors, I'm also a tour guide for Kite and Key, a Freshman Director for Cohort Peso, and I play on the Club Water Polo team.