Here’s a Tip – Ask for Advice!

Wharton has the best advising system that an undergraduate could ask for. Like most uninformed students, however, I rarely took advantage of this invaluable resource. That was until I happened to pass my advisor, Dr. Romeika, on Locust Walk last week, and he reminded me that it had been a while since I last checked in. Often times, interactions with advisors happen in a similar, personal way. When I was accepted into Wharton, I was paired with an advisor who would answer any question about my life at Wharton. This resource is truly one of the most valuable tools at a Wharton student’s disposal, because all Undergraduate advisors are not only extremely qualified and knowledgeable, but they also take a vested interest in the success of each of their students. Dr. Romeika is a shining testament to this description. Last week I went to him with what I thought was a nightmarish mash of questions, but when I left his office I left with a plan for my upcoming internship applications and interviews, an outline of all of the classes I will need, suggestions on research opportunities, and the feeling that I had a great ally in my journey in Wharton. Having Dr. Romeika and the Wharton Undergraduate Advising team at our disposal gives us students the resources we need to succeed and the mentorship and confidence building that we need to excel.