How do you choose?

thumb_IMG_7061_1024As a freshman, I arrived to the Wharton clubbing fair to be greeted by countless tables filled with students advertising their clubs with fliers, information, and (of course) candy. Each one sounded so interesting to me – the Wharton Investment and Trading Group, the Wharton Undergraduate Consulting Club, Wharton Ambassadors, the Wharton Undergraduate Giving Society – the list went on and on. Each table I went to seemed better than the last, as each club’s representatives welcomed me and gave great descriptions of what their group entailed. I excitedly signed up for the listservs of about 10 clubs, ready to learn more about each one.

Checking my email a few days later, I realized that being on the listservs of 10 clubs was quite overwhelming. If I were to go to all the events they offered, my Tuesday night would consist of me running from one club’s general body meeting to another’s ice cream social to another’s training session. But how would I ever choose which club to dedicate myself to? I called my older brother for advice, and he recommended that I choose one or two activities that most appealed to me to start – I have four years in college, and I didn’t need to lay out my path for them in the first few weeks.

So, that is exactly what I did, and I found that it allowed me to both immerse myself in the clubs I have joined, while expanding myself into new areas throughout my college experience. Clubs at Wharton have so much to offer, from learning new skills to meeting new people, and having the opportunity to do this throughout my time at Wharton has given me an abundance of knowledge and experience beyond what I have learned in the classroom.

I am a junior from Delray Beach, Florida, and I am concentrating in OPIM and MGMT. On campus, I am involved in Greek life and I play on the varsity golf team.