Lunch and Learn

The Lunch and Learn program, where you go to lunch with your professor, at Wharton is a great resource that all Wharton undergraduates should utilize. Last week, a group of fellow Legal Studies 210: Corporate Ethics students and I joined our professor Diana Robertson for lunch at POD, a popular Steven Starr restaurant on campus. Speaking with my professor in a less formal context than the typical classroom environment was so refreshing.  It provided me with an interesting glimpse into another facet of my professor’s personality – her humorous side. She had our table laughing for the entire hour. Not only that, this lunch was the perfect medium for me to ask Professor Robertson about herself, how she became a professor at Wharton, and her current research. And as luck would have it, the more that Professor Robertson told me, the more interested and amazed I became. Her career path to this point has been nothing short of incredible, and she has even had the opportunity to attend Davos, the World Economic Forum. I had no idea that I had such an extremely qualified and personable professor.  Ultimately, I came out of the experience with a new respect for my professor and, almost as importantly, a delicious free meal.