Marketing 211 (Consumer Behavior)

A class I am currently enrolled in is Marketing 211 (Consumer Behavior), which is being taught by Professor Americus Reed. It has proven to be one of the most hands-on classes I have ever taken at Wharton. From day one, Professor Reed told us that one of the ways he is going to assess how well we understand the material is through a final group project, which involves applying class concepts to a real world situation and a real world company.

Each team of about 5-7 students is required to conduct an in-depth analysis of the beverage market to assist “Neuro,” a company which produces functional beverages. We are required to give a presentation to the executives from Neuro with innovative, strategic marketing ideas for the company to achieve its goals, based on our thorough research and application of class concepts. These ideas may even be implemented by the company!

All the tools we learn in class – from defining your target consumer, to analyzing data from consumer questionnaires, to effective positioning strategies for products – are immediately applied to our group project. This class is a perfect example of “learning by doing.” Professor Reed has even taken this mantra a step further by bringing in executives from companies such as Campbell’s, Nike, and Nielsen to share with us how they conduct consumer analysis in their day-to-day operations.

Marketing 211 will definitely be one of my most memorable classes at Wharton and Penn, and I am looking forward to sharing my group’s insight with the company at the end of the semester!