Wharton, Here I Come

As I walked into my first Wharton class last semester, I was one very apprehensive sophomore. Over the summer, I had applied and been accepted to a dual-degree program with the College of Arts and Sciences and Wharton. I came into Penn thinking I wanted to become a lawyer and that I would major in PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics). However, halfway through my freshman year, I discovered my passion for business. I decided to pursue this ever-growing passion by applying for the dual-degree program. Upon my acceptance, I enrolled in four Wharton classes first semester of this year. To say I was nervous about taking my first Wharton class – among other sophomores who had already had a full year to adjust to Wharton – was an understatement.

However, I can honestly say that Wharton welcomed me with open arms and made me feel comfortable immediately. After I was accepted into Wharton, an advisor contacted me and helped guide me through how to pick my classes. When I arrived on campus, I met with the advisor and she proceeded to explain to me the intricate details of the requirements I now had to fulfill. After just a short few weeks, I felt no different than any other Wharton student. I had acclimated to the Wharton environment. I had learned how to think like a Wharton student. And I had discovered what I wanted to select as my concentration: Marketing and Operations Management.

Although being a dual-degree student can be challenging at times – I do have a ton of requirements to fulfill – I have not once regretted my decision to apply to Wharton. In just one year, Wharton has given me so much: a new way of thinking, a new network of people, and a new set of life goals.