Wharton Peer Advising Fellows

My spring semester of sophomore year, I was faced with a huge dilemma about course work. Should I finish my concentration now? Should I take more history courses? Should I study abroad? I asked myself so many questions that my head started spinning. At one point, I remember thinking, “Who could I talk to about this?”

Two years later, I am lucky enough to serve as one of Wharton’s Peer Advising Fellows (WPAF), now in its second year. As the name would suggest, we act as a peer extension of G95, the Undergraduate Division office. Fellows serve only when they are seniors, putting us in a unique position to help out undergraduates from the perspective of someone who has “been through it all.” Coming from a diverse set of backgrounds, between all the WPAF members, we have pretty much experienced everything! Throughout the year, we advise on academic affairs, student life, and recruiting. More importantly, we point advisees towards other resources, such as the Tutoring Center or Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), to make sure they know all that Penn has to offer them.

So far, it has been an awesome way to give back to the Wharton community. Wharton gives you so many opportunities, but like any other college, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. Being a peer adviser has been somewhat of a “capstone” experience for me, allowing me to reflect on my college career and help others avoid the mistakes I made. I’m excited for the rest of this year and all that I can bring to WPAF.

To learn more about WPAF, feel free to visit the Wharton Peer Advising Program page.


Katie is currently a senior concentrating in finance, statistics, and OPIM. Outside of the classroom, she is in Peer Advising Fellows, a group of seniors dedicated to advising the Wharton undergraduate student body, and her business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi, where she serves as the Vice President of Alumni Relations. On any given day, you can probably find her sipping espresso at the local coffee shop, catching up with friends over frozen yogurt, or just sitting outside and enjoying Penn’s beautiful campus.