Your First Few Days at Wharton

Posted by Grayson Sessa

Some of the most exciting days of the year for a Wharton freshman are when everyone arrives on campus in August. It definitely is a whirlwind of activity, but you will certainly leave these first few days with a much better perspective on life at Wharton. I remember some fantastic highlights.

Soon after you arrive on campus, you will be greeted by a “Welcome” sign on your door delivered by your cohort director, whom you will likely have corresponded with over the summer.

During New Student Orientation (affectionately called “NSO”), there will also be an entire day devoted to Wharton orientation. Not only is there more free food, but you get to do some team activities with your cohort, whom you will be spending so much time with as the semester goes on. Honestly, the people on my cohort have so far made up some of my best friends at Wharton, so this early chance to get to know them is really important. Also, you get to meet your cohort academic advisor and cohort director in person for the first time.

Speaking of cohorts, get involved with the cohort mentorship program as soon as you can. Right off the bat, you can be paired with an older student in your cohort. The application you complete matches you up with someone who shares your interests. Not only can they be an early way to help you get adjusted to campus, but, as the year goes on, they can also help you with the classes that they have already taken and can provide important feedback on potential schedules for later semesters. At first, getting to campus can be overwhelming, but take advantage of the many programs that Wharton has in place, and you will quickly be able to make Penn your own.

I am a member of the Class on 2017 of Wharton. I am concentrating in Finance, Accounting, and Decision Processes (OID) in addition to a minor in political science. On campus, I am a member of a few political organizations and Wharton Ambassadors, and I serve on the Board building business education at a local high school. If you have a question about Penn or Wharton, you can contact me or another student ambassador via our Ask an Ambassador form.