Learning at Wharton

As a student at Wharton, you will learn the latest business ideas as they’re being created—not just by studying business from a textbook.

Wharton 398

In the Classroom

With more than 240+ professors and 10 academic departments, Wharton generates the knowledge and innovations that transform business practices and public policy around the world. Our professors foster a dynamic and challenging classroom experience that is customized through interactive computer simulations, team projects, case studies, and more.

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International Exposure

You will be able to take full advantage of essential global learning opportunities such as Penn Global Seminars as early as your first year.

Wharton also has over 30 study abroad programs in countries from Brazil to Japan where you can take classes that fulfill business requirements. On top of that, Penn has additional partnerships with more than 100 programs across the globe where Wharton students can take arts and sciences courses. Visit the Penn Abroad website.

Research Opportunities

Throughout your Wharton experience, you can take advantage of opportunities to challenge yourself academically through formal scholars programs and in-depth research with faculty. As a first- or second-year, you can apply for opportunities such as the Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring Program, the Social Impact Research Experience, or the University Scholars program.