Why Wharton

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Wharton is more than just a business school. You will take one quarter of your classes outside of Wharton, in Penn’s other 11 schools. Our flexible program combines the study of business and arts and sciences with dynamic professors and hands-on experiences. When you follow your interests and gain knowledge of the leading edge of business practices, you can succeed in any career you choose.
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Flexible Curriculum

You can customize the curriculum to pursue a minor, study abroad, earn another undergraduate degree, or get a jump-start on graduate school. You can enhance your education with courses and programs in anything from art history or music to chemistry or political science, following your interests and passions wherever they lead.

When you graduate, you’ll be prepared to make an impact in any field – in any part of the world. Start a business, manage a clothing brand, or even build a new car – with a degree from Wharton you can go wherever your path leads you and be more effective in the career you choose.

Top 10 reasons to come to Wharton

Why come to Wharton? Check out our top 10.

Innovative Learning

Learning at Wharton is not just academic. Our classes are challenging and intellectually rigorous, but at the same time, they’re collaborative and full of interaction. Our top professors customize their teaching method for each class, from seminars, case studies, and lectures to Wharton’s learning lab simulations, which help you experience what business situations are really like instead of just reading about them in a textbook. Manage a billion-dollar stock portfolio, participate in a fare war, allocate raises among employees, control a country’s fishing fleet, or prepare a marketing plan for a totally new product.

BS vs BA

What’s the difference between a BS in Economics at Wharton and BA in Economics in a liberal arts program? Here’s how we are different.

Leadership Development

We’re serious about working together to achieve common goals. In fact, our team-based curriculum makes it difficult to succeed if you’re only in it for yourself. You’ll learn to lead and work in a team through a suite of leadership courses that spans all four years. Gain communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills and integrate knowledge for action across the curriculum.

The Leadership Journey

Leadership learning is integrated over four years throughout the Wharton experience. Here’s how it works.

Knowledge for Action

Wharton gives you the knowledge and skills to change the world. Learning continues outside the classroom when you apply valuable skills through teamwork, co-curricular activities, conferences, research, and club life. Try a Wharton Leadership Venture for hands-on experience, start your own business with Venture Lab, run a student conference, or study abroad. Spend your summer with an internship in a field that intrigues you, or solve a problem and find answers through a research program.

Unique Pathways to Explore Entrepreneurship

Individual Support and Career Services

You’re never on your own at Wharton. You can always find support for any problems that may come up while at Wharton. There are accessible professors, professional advisors, upperclassmen, and alumni to help you with anything from roommate troubles to questions about concentrations or careers. As a member of the wider campus community, you have access to all the resources that Penn has to offer — from integrated career services to the Weingarten Center to the Penn Women’s Center. Whatever your needs, there’s always someone ready and willing to help.