Top 10 Reasons to Come to Wharton


A Tradition of Excellence

The world’s first collegiate business school, Wharton continues to be a leader in business education. With our unmatched range of programs and faculty expertise, Wharton will give you the tools and knowledge you will need to make an impact on the world around you.


Business and Liberal Arts

As an undergrad, you can take classes in any of Penn’s undergraduate schools and in eight of Penn’s graduate schools. In fact, one quarter of your classes will be taken at other Penn schools. Where else do undergrads get that kind of access at an Ivy League school?


A Dynamic and Supportive Community

You’ll be taking classes, joining clubs, taking advantage of many support resources, and living with students from all over the world and all walks of life. With 300+ Penn clubs and 45+ Wharton clubs, you’ll make friends who will be there for a lifetime.


Access to World-Renowned Professors

Our students have access to over 240 Wharton faculty and thousands of Penn faculty members. The same professors who are conducting industry research are teaching our classes, holding office hours, and mentoring students.


Flexible Curriculum

At Wharton and Penn you have the flexibility to shape your own education. A quarter of your required coursework is outside of Wharton at the University, 23% of our students study abroad, 27% pursue minors, and 28% graduate with more than one undergraduate degree from Penn. Even within Wharton, you have many courses and areas of study to choose from with 10 different departments and more than 18 concentrations.


Penn Is Affordable

Penn is committed to making an extraordinary education both affordable and accessible for all students. Penn practices need-blind admissions, meets 100% of a student’s demonstrated financial need for four years and provides grant-based aid packages. Learn more about financial aid.


Learning Leadership through Teamwork

No matter what you’ll do in life, leadership skills will be your keys to success. Wharton students hone their leadership skills through teamwork and collaboration both in the classroom and through activities like Leadership Ventures.


Strong Recruitment

Wharton graduates are some of the most sought-after job applicants in the country and abroad. Our graduates are able to apply what they’ve learned to every industry and career—the Class of 2021 entered jobs in over 19 industries and 29 job functions with an average annual salary of $85,345.


More Options Later

With a rigorous business education, close to two-thirds of Wharton undergraduate alumni find that they never need to return to school for an MBA in order to advance their careers. And if you do decide to get an MBA, your undergraduate degree will put you ahead of the game.


Global Alumni Network

Whatever you do in the future, you’ll have lifelong connections and friendships with the business leaders of today and tomorrow. On top of that, you’ll be part of Penn’s impressive alumni network, with 300,000+ graduates around the world.