Wharton gives you the tools and knowledge to change the world.

Studying at Wharton will give you a deep understanding of how business works and how to view the world around you in a new way.
From the study of financial concepts to an in-depth understanding of organizational management and more, you will learn how to solve problems for any industry, for any country, and in any career you choose.

Academic Excellence

Wharton academics are renowned for rigor and relevance. Our curriculum not only covers the latest knowledge, but also helps you get the skills you need to put your ideas into action. You’ll learn how to analyze your environment, work in a cohesive team, think of creative, effective, and efficient solutions to problems, and map out the best ways to implement strategy. So no matter what career path you choose to pursue, you’ll graduate with the business knowledge needed to make an impact.

Learn From Faculty Leaders

Wharton’s professors are thought leaders in their fields, and teach both undergraduate and graduate students. At Wharton, all undergraduate lectures are taught by professors, not graduate students, and you have direct access to their expertise to gain the key skills that can take you anywhere. 240+ faculty in 10 departments

Customize the Curriculum

Your first year of study will be focused on introductory courses in economics, critical writing, and calculus, as well as Wharton 1010. As you progress, you will add breadth and depth to your degree as you follow your interests, choosing among 4,200 electives, from classes at Penn’s 11 other schools to MBA-level courses at Wharton. 37 courses in business and more

Fine-Tune with a Concentration

As a junior and senior, you will hone your skills and deepen your knowledge in an area (or areas) of your choice through advanced coursework in one or more concentrations. It’s OK if you don’t know what you want to study yet — with the tremendous breadth and depth of courses available at Wharton, you’ll find the path that interests you. 18+ concentrations

Develop Leadership Skills

Leadership learning begins with Wharton 1010, a gateway course that explores business pathways, that you will take with your Wharton first-years during your first semester. The journey continues with both courses and extracurricular experiences across your four years at Wharton. Integrated leadership journey

Engage in Interdisciplinary Study

At least 24% of your required courses will be taken outside of Wharton through Penn’s three other undergraduate schools or even some of our graduate schools. You can deepen your interdisciplinary knowledge further with a dual degree or minor. Interdisciplinary study, including 4 coordinated dual-degree programs

Get Involved with Research

Generating new knowledge through academic research is part of Wharton’s mission within Ivy League university. Collaborate with faculty or conduct research on your own to answer some of the most pressing questions facing global economies and societies. 6+ research programs

Go Global

We want to make sure that every Wharton student graduates with a global perspective. In addition to having opportunities to study abroad and take Wharton International Program courses, students take courses to fulfill “global economy, business, and society”; “cross-cultural perspectives”; and foreign language requirements. 30+ opportunities for global business study