The Leadership Journey

You will be prepared for leadership via a suite of components that spans all four years.

A first-year gateway course introduces business disciplines and the applications of business to real-world problems. Additional modules focus on written and oral communications, teamwork, and interpersonal skills. Integrative courses for seniors build on knowledge gained from the previous three years.

A Leadership Journey Integrated Over Four Years


First Year

Wharton 1010: Discover curricular opportunities (business pathways), understand your own strengths and leadership potential, and prepare for the Wharton experience.

Second Year

Wharton 2010: Develop your writing and presentation skills for business.

Third Year

Management 3010: Build your teamwork and interpersonal skills.

Fourth Year

Participate in integrative/capstone courses that tackle applied problems.

Wharton Leadership Ventures
Cohort Leadership Positions

Beyond the Classroom

Learning about leadership and teamwork isn’t something that’s restricted to the classroom. You might be surprised to find that your greatest lessons are learned while working on a new business with your classmates, or consulting for a nonprofit, or on a Wharton Leadership Venture.

Become a student leader

Getting involved in clubs is also a great way to flex your leadership muscles. And with more than 400 student organizations at Penn and over 50 at Wharton, it’s easy to jump right in.

Start something new

If there’s not a club or conference for your interests, chances are you can start one. Want to put your business ideas into practice right away? Launch your own startup with the resources of Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship Venture Lab.

Meet leaders on campus

Wharton and Penn’s conferences and events bring to campus a high level of interaction and engagement with global business and government leaders and influential Wharton alumni. At Wharton’s Leadership Lecture Series, students hear about strategies, challenges, and successes from real-world role models, like Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi and Nancy Mahon, Senior VP, MAC Cosmetics.

Experience leadership beyond Penn

Take what you learn to the field. See and experience leadership in action, with international study opportunities that include Wharton Industry Exploration Program, Wharton International Program, Wharton Leadership Ventures, and research programs.