Graduate Study

Wharton prepares you for graduate studies in a number of fields.

If you decide to pursue an advanced degree in any area, Wharton’s undergraduate program gives you the foundation needed to take that next step.

Graduate Options

Many Wharton graduates do not feel the need to pursue an advanced degree, because the knowledge that they gained during undergraduate studies prepared them for the business world so well. In fact, only one-third of our alumni go back for an MBA, even up to 15 years after graduation. Some alumni pursue other degrees and other fields, such as law or medicine, to complement their business knowledge.


Wharton also gives you the opportunity to get a head start on graduate studies, through what are called “submatriculation” programs. Students can qualify for submatriculation if they achieve an outstanding grade point average during the first three years of college, score well on the appropriate qualifying examination, and demonstrate preparation for the academic and social demands of graduate school. If you choose to submatriculate into one of these programs, you’ll begin graduate school during your senior year, allowing you to finish your graduate degree faster. During your junior year, you can apply for:

JD through Penn Law

MBA through the Wharton School

PhD through the Wharton School

Moelis Advance Access Program

The Ken Moelis and Julie Taffet Moelis Advance Access Program provides Penn undergraduates an opportunity for guaranteed deferred admissions to the Wharton MBA Program. Apply your senior year to attend the Wharton MBA Program after gaining two to four years work experience.