Alumni Leaders

Wharton alumni – 99,000 graduates in 153 countries – are changing the world.

alumni leaders

$100,000 – median salary five years after graduation

In any career you pick, your Wharton education prepares you to explore and create solutions to today’s most significant business and social issues, and our graduates go on to do more than they ever imagined. Our alumni graduate with such a versatile degree that they are involved in almost every industry, on almost every continent. Some start their own businesses; others transform huge companies or work to improve the world in the nonprofit sector.

What can you do with a Wharton degree?

Anything you want. Read articles from Wharton Magazine about alumni who are making an impact on business, technology, culture, and society around the world.

Develop Amazing New Technologies
Elon Musk, C’97, W’97

Renew a Tech Titan
Jacqueline Reses, W’92

Write Your Own Rule Book
Karen Finerman, W’87

Make Online Shopping a Social Experience
Kunal Bahl, ENG’06, W’06

Run a City
Michael Nutter, W’79

Produce Oscar-Winning Movies
Wendy Finerman, W’82

Link up Business and Social Media
Jeffrey Weiner, W’92

Make Investments for Social Good
Wayne Silby, W’70 and John Guffey, W’70

Pioneer New Thinking on Cyber Law
Lawrence Lessig, C’83, W’83

Lead a Technology Powerhouse
Safra Catz, W’83, L’86

Make Online Gaming Social
Mark Pincus, W’88

Create Opportunities for Kids
Chris Balme, C’03, W’03

Meet our students

Youshaei“When your classmates are tomorrow’s leaders, you’ll realize how much you can learn from your friends.”

Jonathon Youshaei
Highland Park, IL

Own a Sports Franchise
Joshua Harris, W’86

Fashion a Media Company
Caroline Issa, W’99

Make Agriculture Sustainable
Craig Sams, W’66

Lead a Publishing Giant
Roberto F. Civita, W’57

Break Ground in the Music Industry
Sylvia M. Rhone, W’74

Grow a Fine Vintage of Business
José Manuel Ortega Gil-Fournier, W’89, C’89

Seed Entrepreneurship
Josh Kopelman, W’93

Succeed in Shoe Business
Jerome Fisher, W’53

Mine New Markets for an International Business
Kanika Dewan, W’98