Parents and Counselors

Guidance counselors and parents have a similar goal – to help guide a student toward the right college for him or her.

You want to make sure your student is going to get the best possible education and will feel at home on campus. This page has some helpful information and important links that will provide the starting point for the journey upon which your student is about to embark.

If your student or child would like to get a taste of what Wharton’s all about, we have summer programs for high school students, which are designed to help participants develop leadership skills and explore their interests in business.

Wharton Snapshot

  • Degree Offered: Bachelor of Science in Economics
  • Concentrations: Instead of having majors, our students choose from over 20 concentrations that allow them to specialize in a particular field.
  • Liberal Arts & Business: We are not just a business school, and our students explore their passions every day. With  almost 30% of their curriculum taken outside of Wharton, our students take classes in all four of Penn’s undergraduate schools and many of its graduate schools!
  • Dual Degrees: Our students can combine business education with specialized study in another area in one of four coordinated dual-degree programs or through a dual degree with any one of Penn’s undergraduate schools.
  • Study Abroad: Wharton students can study abroad in over 20 Wharton-specific international programs or they can choose from over 100 College of Arts & Sciences programs. We also offer 10-day travel-based business courses with the Wharton International Program.
  • The Bottom Line: We strive to give each student the ability to craft a unique educational experience that will allow them to explore liberal arts while learning how to apply complex business theories.