Student Voices

 Student Voices

There are 2,500 Wharton undergraduates, and each has a different path and a different story. Here are a few.

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Simple Joys on the Wharton Leadership Venture to Patagonia

It would be hard for me to quantify the beauty that I saw on the Wharton Leadership Venture trip to Patagonia along with 12 other amazing people. The conditions were rough. Early in the trip, we had to carry 20-30lbs of food and gear on our backs. My pants stuffed to the brim with granola ...Read More

Finding Lifelong Mentors

Coming into college, we are all prepped with the same phrase that we “will find some of our closest friends here.”  While this is true, another aspect not many people tell you about is all the mentors you will gain who help you survive your four years of college and beyond.  Sometimes its crazy to ...Read More

Wharton Worldwide

Coming into my freshman year at Penn, I knew that I was entering a place where everyone comes from different backgrounds from all across the world.  It was endearing to hear about the diversity of my class during every icebreaker game played during NSO. Being the girl from Florida (1,000 miles away) was no longer ...Read More

Roaming Rwanda: How GRIP Gave me a Glimpse into Global Health

This past summer, I had the chance to spend nine weeks assisting on various public health research projects in the capital of Rwanda, a bustling city called Kigali. Before I received this opportunity, however, I had only a dim understanding of the current state of Rwanda as a country and its role within East Africa. Recently, ...Read More