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These Sunk Costs Can’t Hold Me Back

Sunk costs. You learn a lot about them at Wharton. The key thing about sunk costs is to never let them influence future decisions, and that’s exactly the principle I used to recently reevaluate my involvement in extracurricular activities. First, an example. Suppose Nike, a company that targets young athleticRead More

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The Wharton Name Goes Further than You Think

Many students dread having to leave the bastion of academia that is the University of Pennsylvania and enter the real world of salaries, early bedtimes, and responsibility. Yes, our time here at Wharton must come to an end, and we must find a job after college. Luckily, the recruitment processRead More

The Urban Classroom: How I Expand my Wharton Education Beyond Huntsman Hall

Every Tuesday and Thursday I sit at the corner of 39th and Spruce and wait for the 42 bus.  I ride down to 57th street with my friends in Penn for Youth Debate and hop off the 42 at Hamilton Middle School.  As volunteers, we teach middle and high schoolRead More


From San Francisco to New York: Experiential Learning at Wharton

A personal belief of mine is that you can learn just as much, if not more, outside of the classroom than inside of it. In other words, there is so much to learn from having experiences that take you beyond sitting in class. Wharton certainly does a great job ofRead More


Pursuing an “Uncoordinated” Dual Degree

As a high school senior, an extremely “undecided” high school senior, I truly had no clue what I wanted to study when I was in college. Three years later, I now realize that Penn was the perfect school for me as Penn enables me to study and explore all ofRead More


The Power of Diversity: Learning through International Case Competitions

Last week I had the honor of representing Wharton at the McGill Management International Case Competition (MMICC). Known as the world’s friendliest case competition, MMICC is hosted by the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. Each year MMICC invites delegates from top business schools around theRead More


Group Study Rooms

When I first walked through Huntsman Hall, a pre-frosh touring Penn, my tour guide enthusiastically noted the small rooms lining the halls. “These are Group Study Rooms, and they are amazing!” My pre-frosh mind breezed over this apparent excitement; to be honest, I did not see the allure of theseRead More

The Wharton Atmosphere: Community, Exploration, and Advice

About one year ago, I was just weeks from finding out about my college admission status.  I knew that if I was granted admission into Wharton it was binding.  Despite that knowledge, when I met Wharton students or alumni, I always asked if they like the school and, without fail,Read More

Philly: A Foodie’s Dream

As the home of an incredible number of food establishments offering a variety of cuisines, Philadelphia is undoubtedly becoming one of the premier cities for devout foodies. After a little over a semester in the city, I have had the opportunity to take advantage of some of what the Philadelphia food sceneRead More

Getting Involved on Campus

When I arrived at Penn, it seemed that much of my semester had already been decided. I already knew the classes I would take, the dining halls I would eat at, and the libraries I would pull all-nighters in. However, there was one incredibly important aspect of my new lifeRead More

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The Cohort System: A Freshman’s Take

On the very first Tuesday of New Student Orientation, also fondly known as “NSO,” I walk into classroom F65 with a mix of emotions—extremely anxious, nervous and excited to meet my fellow “yennies.” Ever since then, my cohort has been my prime source of support, friends and fun. The WhartonRead More

Making an Impact

As a freshman coming into Wharton, I knew that there would be an endless number of opportunities at Penn to get involved and find my niche. During New Student Orientation my first semester, I attended “clubbing night” – a night dedicated to showcasing 40+ Wharton clubs ranging from investing to consulting, financeRead More


Eating Well

It’s inevitable. At some point, every student experiences “dining hall fatigue.” Sure, the dining options are varied and taste good, but at some point they become, for lack of a better word, boring. Yes, even the excitement of unlimited access to desserts or, in my case, yogurt and granola wearsRead More

Lessons of a Student-Athlete

“You play a sport and you’re in Wharton? How do you do it?” I get that question all the time. To be honest, it hasn’t been easy. There have been quite a few nights of little sleep and lots of coffee. But upon reflection, I would not trade it forRead More

Retail at Wharton

When you think “Wharton” you might not immediately think of retail, but more and more Wharton grads are choosing to leverage their Wharton education in the retailing industry. There is a secondary undergraduate concentration in retailing, consisting of marketing, operations, and design components, designed to provide even more depth andRead More

Mentorship at Wharton

Mentorship programs are not necessarily the first things you consider when choosing a college, but I’ve found that Wharton’s emphasis on mentorship has been of the most beneficial aspects of the transition away from home. Before even starting the school year, my cohort director, Christina, called each incoming freshman inRead More

Wharton as an International Student

Coming from Canada, I am pretty much as vanilla as it gets for international students. The language is the same, the water flushes in the same direction, and people still drive on the right side of the road. However, that is not to say that there are not certain differencesRead More

Wharton and Penn: Limitless

Incredible professors, a practical curriculum, state-of-the art facilities. What more could you ask for? Why would anyone ever take a class outside of Huntsman Hall? Seems like a silly question, doesn’t it? Well, as a senior looking back on my college experience, I must say that what makes Wharton soRead More

Rethinking Concentrations

Posted by Elias Bernstein “So what are you concentrating in?” my friend asks as we walk out of Huntsman together. It’s a question that I have heard many times during my year at Penn, but unfortunately, it has gotten more difficult to answer. Freshman year, I was certain that IRead More

Learning About Happiness

At the end of my freshman year, I received great advice on how to get involved with research. One of the most common ways is to become a research assistant for a professor whose interests align with your own. I was advised to simply look up professors, read about theirRead More

Planning Ahead for Your Summer

Posted by Grayson Sessa At some point during the year, a Wharton student’s attention is going to turn to the ultimate question: What am I going to spend the summer doing? Fixating on this question your first semester is not worth it, since there will be many opportunities to findRead More

The Major Benefit and Minor Process of Getting a Minor

Posted by David Moore If there is one defining characteristic of students here at Wharton, it is that each student is interested in, and excels at, multiple different pursuits, whether they be academic or otherwise. While at first, being at business school may seem a bit confining, going to WhartonRead More

Tuning Out From Campus

It’s easy to get sucked into the hectic campus life. As Wharton students, we are constantly working, attending meetings, spending time with friends, going out to parties, or trying to find a job. Whether it’s the week or the weekend, we have this mentality that we should be tuned intoRead More

Fall Break: Penn Tech Trek

Over Fall Break, I went on the Penn Tech Trek with a group of 20 students to Silicon Valley. I was so excited for this opportunity to visit top startups and venture capital firms from Andreessen Horowitz to Tesla to Khan Academy to Y-Combinator’s Startup School. Each day we visitedRead More

Management 100: Leadership and Communication in Groups

Management 100 is arguably the most important class any Wharton freshman will take. It is an incredible opportunity to develop real-world skills through a hands on project from the moment students start class. In this course, students are placed in teams and must complete a project for a local PhiladelphiaRead More

Interdisciplinary Study

Posted by Matthew DeGagne A large component in my decision to come to Wharton and Penn was the emphasis on interdisciplinary opportunities. Unlike many other programs I applied to in the United States and Canada, Wharton placed a great emphasis on exploring other fields outside the business discipline, along withRead More

The Cohort System: A Truly Unique Wharton Experience

Making the transition from high school to college is daunting. As my parents drove with me from Richmond, Virginia to University City, I considered just how different things would be. Having gone to a small magnet public high school with a graduating class of just 170, I would be inRead More

On-Campus Recruiting

Posted by Alison Och On-Campus-Recruiting, better known by its “slang” name "OCR," is the process that students learn to fear before they have even begun to approach it. At Wharton, students get caught up in the stress of OCR. Those three letters have our brains programmed to cringe the instanceRead More

Exploring Philadelphia

When I ask seniors what their biggest regret is, I hear one answer more than others. No, it isn’t to have gone to more professors' office hours (though those are great to take advantage of!). It also isn’t to have started working towards OCR (On-Campus Recruiting) even earlier. Actually, it’sRead More

Wharton Peer Advising Fellows

My spring semester of sophomore year, I was faced with a huge dilemma about course work. Should I finish my concentration now? Should I take more history courses? Should I study abroad? I asked myself so many questions that my head started spinning. At one point, I remember thinking, “WhoRead More

Wharton Public Policy Initiative Summer Internship

This summer when I was searching for an internship, I knew I wanted to explore finance, a field I had no previous exposure to other than through Wharton classes. I was able to do this, and much more through my summer internship with the Wharton Public Policy Initiative. My internshipRead More

Group Projects Abroad

So you hear that one of your Wharton classes entails a group project this semester, and you don’t think about it for more than a moment. Of course you have group projects with your classes. It is kind of a given seeing as most of your classes at least haveRead More
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Wharton Semester Abroad Leads to Lasting Global Friendships

A Penn undergrad returns home with the realization that nothing can replicate the experience she had as an exchange student in Beijing Exactly one year ago today I was en route to Beijing, about to experience the most formative four months of my young adult life. I had chosen toRead More
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The Most Important Student Survival Tool–and Where to Find It

Let’s talk about the most important tool in any college student’s survival kit. It’s powerful and effective, yet the closest thing we mere humans have to the nectar of the gods. We lift if up to the highest pedestal of reverence. It is enjoyed by hipsters and businessmen, pop starsRead More

Your Ladder to the Sky

My purpose in writing this post is to clarify a common misconception regarding the forging, maintaining and utilizing of professional contacts. I often hear students speak with pessimism about not having family contacts in their industry of interest or being reluctant to “cold call” firms. In my freshman year atRead More